Our Mission

 As the world becomes increasingly aware of delta hedging dynamics, volatility-controlled rebalancing, and market cap distortion, the mission of Tier1 Alpha is to demystify the effect of mechanical buying and selling on the stock market. Our goal is to provide sophisticated quantitative and data-driven analytics to help you navigate the modern market structure. Through continuous research and development, our product is built and presented by investors, for investors, of all abilities to interpret and implement into your personal strategies. 

We strive to be your number one, data-driven, investment resource.

Meet our team

Craig Peterson (CEO/ Co-founder)

Truly passionate about financial technology, Craig is not only our CEO but also head of Quantitative Research at Tier1 Alpha. He specializes in developing innovative financial models to track options, capital flows, and volatility, all within a global macro framework. Craig is also a full-stack developer with a background in quantitative

Michael Green (Senior Executive Advisor)

Michael is a world expert and leading thinker in the fields of passive indexation, options strategies, and financial markets across the spectrum. Michael was previously Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager with Logica Capital Advisors, LLC, and has also held senior portfolio management roles with Thiel Macro, LLC, Ice Farm Capital, Canyon

David Pegler (COO/ Co-founder)

With a deep understanding of global finance, David is an industry expert at navigating international markets. He is an experienced equities trader with a strong focus on global macro, sector ETF’s, and volatility strategies. He has also been the head currency trader at a large international Family Office for the past thirteen years. David

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